Miles Out Internet

Miles Out Internet is faster than satellite, cost effective and an excellent alternative to DSL and slower satellite services.

Miles Out Internet – How it Works

Similar to wireless cellphones, Miles Out Internet is beamed directly to your home business via a signal from a local area cellular towers and not

Miles Out offers the best modem and antenna products for your internet service enhancement needs.

This modem offers average download speeds between 10 – 50 Mbps download with burst up to 80Mbps on the LTE Networks.

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Miles Out Internet has fast and easy set up, high speed results - even when traveling -at the lowest rate. Prices range from $87-$150 monthly.


$87-$150 a month compared to satellite and area land-line internet. Prices vary. Contact us today for custom price packages.

High Speed

Satellite’s latency, or perceived speed is almost 20 times slower than a land based service such as Miles Out Online. This is because the Miles

High Speed
Easy Set Up

We offer a combined modem which has a built in wi-fi router so you only need one device to connect your computers and other wi-fi

Easy Set Up

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