All equipment is purchased through Miles Out Internet. The equipment needed is all based on your location. For those locations within close, unobstructed range of a cell tower, our indoor modem would be sufficient. For those locations further away from a tower, we recommend an outdoor modem. Certain roofing materials will require the use of the outdoor modem as well.

Indoor Modems

Our combination Indoor Modem features a built-in Wi-Fi router that covers up to 1,000 square feet and supports up to 15 devices at one time as well as several ports for hard wired connections, so you only need one device to connect your smart TVs, phones and tablets to! Your new modem will arrive to your home, ready to use!
*If the WiFi range is too small, WiFi Extenders can be purchased to expand the coverage. We typically have these in stock and can ship out at the same time.

Most equipment is shipped the next business day. We use USPS Priority Mail and UPS and typically arrives at your home in 2-3 business days.


There are NO installation fees for our Indoor Modems. These are very simple “plug and play” devices. Sit the modem in or near a window, power it on and connect your devices!

Outdoor Modems

Depending on the area, the distance you are located from the cellular tower and the type of roofing material on your home, you may require an outdoor modem. This equipment is installed by one our trained technicians, typically within 1 week of signing up.

The Outdoor Modem is what communicates with the tower. The modem will mount to the roof/roof line of your home. Along with the Outdoor Modem, you will need a WiFi device for inside the home. This device is what distributes the internet throughout your home via a wireless connection. The Outdoor Modem and WiFi device are connected by cabling that the technician will install. We can provide the WiFi device as part of one of our Packaged Plans or you may purchase your own. If you choose to purchase your own, Miles Out Internet cannot provide support/assistance with that device.


There ARE installation fees for the Outdoor Modems. Fees will vary based on our technician’s travel times and materials needed to mount the equipment. A technician will discuss the fees with you when he schedules your install. However, most installation fees average around $250-$300.


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