All modems are purchased through Miles Out Internet. The equipment needed is all based on your location. For those locations within close, unobstructed range of a cell tower, our indoor modem would be sufficient. For those locations further away from a tower, we recommend an outdoor modem. Certain roofing materials will require the use of the outdoor modem as well.

Indoor Modems

Our combination Indoor Modem features a built-in Wi-Fi router that covers up to 1,000 square feet and supports up to 15 devices at one time as well as several ports for hard wired connections, so you only need one device to connect your smart TVs, phones and tablets to! Your new modem will arrive to your home, ready to use!

If the WiFi range is too small or you have more than 15 devices that need to connect, we recommend purchasing WiFi Extenders. WiFi extenders will support more devices and expand the coverage area. Connecting more than the allotted amount of devices and using your devices outside of the WiFi coverage area will significantly impact your service. This can result in slow speeds (buffering, delays with webpages loading, etc.) to the devices and loss of connection on the devices. (Our technicians can always help with determining whether any of those issues are WiFi related or an issue with the service itself.)

WiFi extenders are available to purchase from us at any time. We typically have these in stock and can ship out at the same time. If you choose to purchase your own WiFi extenders (from another source), we cannot provide support/assistance for those extenders. The use of WiFi extenders require certain settings inside the modem. We will need to be notified when connecting any extenders to the modem for them to work properly. Changing the settings can be done remotely and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Most equipment is shipped the next business day. We use USPS Priority Mail and UPS and typically arrives at your home in 2-3 business days.


There are NO installation fees for our Indoor Modems. These are very simple “plug and play” devices. Sit the modem in or near a window, power it on and connect your devices!

Outdoor Modems

Depending on the area, the distance you are located from the cellular tower and the type of roofing material on your home, you may require an outdoor modem. This equipment is installed by one our trained technicians, typically within 1 week of signing up.

The Outdoor Modem is what communicates with the tower. The modem typically mounts to the roof/roof line of your home. This unit is what communicates with the cell tower to bring the internet connection to your home.

Along with the outdoor modem, you will need WiFi setup inside the home. WiFi is what allows you to connect the devices inside your home (phones, tablets and Smart TVs) to the internet via a wireless connection.  The WiFi Device we provide, will cover the square footage of most average size homes, but if you have a larger home, additional coverage may be required.

Pictured above is a basic diagram of how the Outdoor Modem Internet Connection works.

Pictured below are examples of the Outdoor Modem mounting styles and locations. The location of where the modem needs to be mounted is based on several factors. It will generally need to point in the direction of the nearest tower. The elevation of the home and the obstructions around your home (large buildings, trees, etc.) will also play a factor in the mounting location. The technician will test each service provider at various points around the home to determine the best service and mounting location.


There ARE installation fees for the Outdoor Modems. Fees will vary based on our technician’s travel times and materials needed to mount the equipment. A technician will discuss the fees with you when he schedules your install. However, most installation fees average around $250-$300.


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