What equipment will I need to start using Miles Out Internet?

Modem Router

The very first thing you will need is a fixed LTE modem router which will bring the wireless signal to your home business.

Miles Out offers the best modem and antenna products for your internet service enhancement needs. Our featured LTE modem router and antenna setup is listed below:

The MOFI 4500 LTE Advanced Modem offers a robust internet experience like no other modem. Our #1 recommended wireless LTE modem features in home Wi-Fi N that can support up to 32 wireless devices at one time as well as 4 Ethernet ports for hard wired connections. This is a fixed station modem with external antenna ports (Available upon request) that provides 24/7 contestant internet reliability and continuous coverage. The modem is shipped by USPS/UPS and is in your home within 3-5 businesses days from the time you order.

This modem offers average download speeds between 10 – 50 Mbps download with burst up to 80Mbps on the LTE Net

The Package Contents:

(A) Modem with SIM card preinstalled
(B) AC 12V 1A Power Adapter
(C) 1ft. Ethernet Cable (Provided upon request only)
(D) Instruction Manual can be downloaded or provided upon request

This modem offers LTE coverage plus LTE 700Mhz network is not available in all areas, please check with your internet consultant to confirm that service is available to you.

Depending on the area and distance you are located from the cellular towers you may require an outdoor mounted antenna to help stabilize your signal. This is an important piece of equipment for improving Miles Out Internet service if your signal is weak.  This antenna is a self-mounted by you and will give you improved access to the high speed Internet. The signal from the cellular network is in your neighborhood not in space, which will simplify the installation process and best of all it is included with your purchase.

Outdoor Yagi 10dbi directional antenna.

The Log yagi antennas Series can cover a very wide frequency range from 698-2700 MHz and is a perfect outdoor antenna for the average wireless signal gain setup. This antenna comes complete with all components needed for pole mounting or wall mounting. The sealed housing is UV stabilized ABS plastic. All bracket components are corrosion protected. An example installation is shown below.

Do I have to use an outdoor antenna?

Miles Out uses land based cellular towers which have already been pre installed in your area to provide high-speed Internet service to more people than ever before. All you need in order to access high speed Internet services is a great spot to place your new Miles Out modem and outdoor antenna. No need to look to the sky like satellite. Even in rural settings, the high speed wireless signal can reach your home. Miles Out recommends the use of an outdoor antenna to help improve the quality of the signal, Remember the better your signal the better your speeds.