Quick Facts About Our Service

Is your service really unlimited?

For normal internet usage, YES! No more data caps! No more overages! All our plans include unlimited data for normal internet usage like streaming music and movies/surfing/gaming etc. Illegal activities would include data abuse and suspicious usage. Data abusers are those who purposefully push limits or conduct known illegal activity like torrenting etc. If you burn through a terabyte or more in one month (that’s over 1,000 GBs!), that is not normal internet usage. Basically, we’ll know, and your account will be terminated immediately.

Is all of this for real? This seems too good to be true!

YES, we are for real! We are truly a small corporation that cares about your connectivity. We get it… to not be able to hop online means to not be able to communicate. We don’t want anyone to be without internet access. Think of us as a service broker, working very hard on your behalf with all 4 major providers. We make it our utmost priority to help you gain access to unadvertised, unadulterated, and affordable unlimited plans that are no longer available anywhere in today’s marketplace.

Do any of your plans throttle?

Essentially all plans have throttles. Here is the deal… if you live in downtown L.A. and try to surf during rush hour, you may not receive the highest speeds because the cell towers get clogged after your data allotment. Unless something similar like this happens to you, then all should be well. Legally we must let you know that where you will be utilizing our service, the major carriers may be working on the cell towers close to you that could slow you down. That usually doesn’t happen… but occasionally it does. We have no control over possible network optimizations being conducted by major carriers if any of their cell towers are being updated or de-prioritized.

I live out in the middle of nowhere and travel quite a bit. Will you be able to help?

We want you to know that we’ve got almost everyone covered! We have all major carrier plans and they all include unlimited data with a high speed 4G LTE allotment as long as you have a good signal.

What’s up with the price and plan differences between all of your service plans?

The price differences really come down to the amount of data you will need and the quality of the carrier, coverage, and the costs from our end as well.

Do I have to sign a contract? Do you have to run a credit check? Are these really month-to-month plans?

All of our plans require no contract and no credit checks! Yes, these are month-to-month plans! You may of course cancel your subscription with us at any time by notifying us. Please keep in mind there are pro-rated refunds with any of our plans after the first 14 days of service, as you are paying for a full month up front (prepaid model). However, you may cancel anytime, and we never charge any cancellation fees.

Can I bring my own device?

It’s a little more complicated than bringing your own phone to a cell store. We can only guarantee our unlimited data devices to work on our tested hardware, Firmware, and software on our devices.

Hold on, I subscribed and received the modem and paid you $XXX up front then $XXX a month… and now my modem is not working due to no signal! Give me a refund!

SURE THING! Unlike our desperate competitors, we offer a 100% equipment refund up to 30 days after sign up. All of our modems run off of the major carriers’ cell towers, therefore we can’t be held responsible if the locations you are trying to use your modem are out of the cell tower’s coverage. Many things can affect signal like mountains/valleys/trees/walls. Think of our service as being like your cell phone… most of the time you have coverage, but not everywhere. Please keep in mind that the carrier’s maps aren’t always 100% accurate… and, as you know, trees/mountains/valleys (and even walls) can have strange effects on a good signal. Here is another way you can test for coverage… use your cell phone with whatever carrier you have at the place where you want to utilize the hotspot to see if you have a strong signal or not. You may also want to use a friend or family member’s cell phone to test for other carriers.

Can I put my account subscription on hold or pause it for a month or two?

Our model doesn’t allow for this. Our aim is long term clients, not someone who needs internet for one month. However, you may cancel your subscription whenever you’d like… for we don’t charge any cancellation fees. So, in theory, you could simply re-subscribe whenever you’d like as many times as you’d like.

What are the average speeds of your unlimited hotspots?
The speeds of all our modems depend entirely on how close you are to cell towers in your area, and which carrier you choose. We’ve had reports of over 50 MBPS from those that are right under a cell tower… all the way down to 1 MBPS that are far away from one. So, you’ll want to pick the carrier plan that has the best and strongest signal where you will be utilizing the service to ensure the best speeds.

How many devices can I use on 1 modem?

A safe bet would be around 10 devices on our modems (although we’ve heard up to 15 have worked before). However, please keep in mind that the more devices that are connected, the slower your speeds may become. On the flip side, if you have a strong signal, your speeds won’t be affected as much.

Will the modem work for me when I travel?

These are wireless modems, and can be used “on the move”. We’ve tested them on interstates in vehicles, and they work well. There are times when heading into wooded areas or valleys/mountains, the signal will cut out. However, if you are on open roads with many cell towers around the carrier you are utilizing… then it’s relatively steady. Think of our modems like your cell phone… you have coverage a lot of the time but not all the time. We would recommend using it in one place overall, but traveling with these are quite nice. Just don’t expect perfect constant signal.

Can you guarantee that my service won’t be interrupted?

Since our modems are engineered and made by humans, they won’t always function properly. The only way your service would be interrupted is if your signal is not strong enough, or you didn’t pay your bill. However, with anything, there may be extreme circumstances beyond our control like a cell tower getting struck by lightning that you are using for service. If your current modem stops working for no reason, we will be happy to troubleshoot with you to figure it out and get you back up and running. We will treat you more than fair, but, in return, we’d appreciate the same! Another thing to note is the major carriers may change their minds altogether regarding plans throughout their company nationally, which, of course, no one can guarantee. In other words, if the major carriers decide to not honor these plans anymore… then there is nothing that we can do, and we can’t be held responsible for their decisions or actions.

Can I mess with the settings on the modem?

We ask that you never mess with any of the settings or tamper with the unit. In doing so you will jeopardize the service. So simply turn the modem on and use it as is!

Hey wait, the picture on your site doesn’t look like the modem I received?

Our modems go through subscription rotations due to supply and demand… you may receive a modem that is a different brand from the one pictured on our site. Not to worry, though! If this should happen, we assure you that all of our modems have been approved, tested, and are of equal performance!

I don’t have the money to pay you for my service next month. Can you help me out?

Due to our business model, we are forced to suspend your account if payment isn’t completed on your recurring subscription date. Due to our payment processor and our model, we are unable to switch or move your recurring subscription day.

I’ve heard your hours are 8 AM to 5 PM CST, Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM to 12PM with holidays off? Do you have a life or something?

Of course we do!!! But we are also committed to excellent customer care.

How many modems or lines of service can I order? Is there a limit?

You may order as many as you’d like… we’ll work it out! However, on rare occasion, we may be out of stock. If this happens, we will update our website to reflect this. Normally, this isn’t an issue since we make it our goal to be fully stocked.

Do you offer bulk discounts if I need to order multiple modems for my family and my business?

Yes! As mentioned, we’ll work it out depending on how many units you need. Simply send us a note through our contact form and one of our lovely team members will reply promptly.

I’m 17, can I order one of your modems?

No, you must be 18 or older to order our modem in your name.

Once I subscribe to one of your plans, do I own the account and the modem?

Look at it this way, you are the owner of the subscription… however, you won’t own the account. Alternatively, the modem is yours to keep! Don’t let the major carriers fool you, Miles Out doesn’t even “own” accounts. The carriers themselves own their networks, they simply allow us to utilize them. Your initial subscription includes your modem fee, plus your first month’s subscription cost (your subscription includes a modem/power cord/shipping). You may, of course, cancel your subscription with us at any time by notifying us.

Ok. I’m sold. How do I subscribe?

Email Us at milesoutinternet@gmail.com
Or call us at 918-913-4479 8 AM to 5 PM M to F

Is there a complicated setup process when I receive the modem?

Not at all! We streamline this for your convenience. Simply turn it on and go! Again, please be sure that you have a strong signal from the major carrier plan that you are subscribing to or it won’t work!

Can I subscribe even if it’s not within your business hours?

Yes you may! You may subscribe online any time since our website is ready to take your order 24/7! Your order will be processed in the order in which they are received. There is normally a 3 business day turnaround. Our lovely team will do their very best to help you with any sales or support questions you may have within normal business hours! Of course, we know you won’t have many questions at all because you’ve read this entire FAQ thoroughly, correct?