In the event that you lose your connection to the internet or experience slower than normal speeds, the first thing you should do is reboot the unit. A simple reboot will typically resolve most connectivity/speed issues. Keep in mind these units run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We recommend rebooting the unit once per week.

Please do NOT press or hold in the RESET button on the back of the modem. This will erase the settings in the modem and will not allow the unit to connect to the internet. A technician would then have to walk you through adding these settings back in.

To Reboot The Modem:

Step 1.

Disconnect the cord from the port labeled “Power” on the back of the unit.

(You can also unplug from the electrical outlet instead.)

It will need to stay powered off for a minimum of 5 minutes. It takes several minutes for the internal components inside the modem to reset.

Step 2.

Reconnect the “Power” cord to the modem/outlet.

Step 3.

Wait 8-10 minutes to check for restored connection.

If the LED light on the far right of the front panel turns green, the internet connection has been restored.

If the LED light on the far right remains red, please contact support for assistance.

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