There are several things that can play a factor in speeds and connectivity. Tower congestion, tower maintenance, to many devices connected, etc. are just a few of those things that can cause a disruption in service. Unfortunately, some of these things, Miles Out Internet can not control. However, if you experience loss of internet connection or extremely slow speeds for more than 24 hours and after completion of the following steps, please reach out to us so we can eliminate everything on our side and help determine what the issue might be.

Please do NOT press or hold in the RESET button on the back of the modem. This will erase the settings in the modem and will not allow the unit to connect to the internet. A technician would then have to walk you through adding these settings back in.


In the event that you lose your connection to the internet or experience slower than normal speeds, the first thing you should do is reboot the unit. A simple reboot will typically resolve most connectivity/speed issues. Keep in mind these units run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We recommend rebooting the unit once per week.

To Reboot The Unit:

1. Disconnect the cord from the port labeled “Power” on the back of the unit. You can also unplug from the outlet instead. (There is no need to press the power button.)

2. It will need to stay powered off for a minimum of 5 minutes. It takes several minutes for the internal components inside the modem to reset.

3. Reconnect the Power cord to the modem/outlet.
4. Wait 8-10 minutes to check for restored connection.

5. When the LED light on the far right of the front panel turns green, the internet connection has been restored. If the LED light on the far right of the panel remains red, please contact support for assistance.

Front Panel LED Lights

Testing Speeds

As long as your modem is connected to the internet, you can check your internet speed by two different methods. Please note that devices using the internet during testing will impact the speeds, such as TVs streaming, files downloading, etc.

Through A Hardwired Connection
The first method is through a hardwired connection to the modem. You will need a computer/laptop and a network/ethernet cable for this method. This method bypasses the WiFi and will get speeds directly from the modem.

1. On the back of the modem, connect a network/ethernet cable to the port labeled “1/ PoE IN’.

2. Connect the other end of the cable to the network port on a computer/laptop.

4. Once you get to the site, click “Go” and wait for the test to complete.

5. When the test completes, it will give you the results of your download speed and upload speed.

Example Test Results:

Through The WiFi
The second method is through the WiFi. You will need a mobile phone, tablet or computer connected to your Wifi for this method.

1. Verify the device you are testing with is connected to your home WiFi.

*If your phone is not connected to your WiFi, you will be testing the speed of your mobile phones service provider.

If you are using an Apple Device, you can also download the APP “Speedtest by Ookla” in the APP Store. If you are using an android device, you can download the APP in the Google Play Store.

3. Once you get to the site, click “Go” and wait for the test to complete.

4. When the test completes, it will give you the results of your download speed and upload speed.

Example Test Resutls:


If you experience a lag in speed on the devices connected to the unit but are getting good speeds via the speed test, please make sure the device is in range of the WiFi. Just a reminder, the built-in WiFi covers around 1,000 square feet (in a circle) around the unit. Since the unit needs to be placed in/as close to a window as possible, this will shrink the coverage area.

These modems will only support a limited number of devices connected to them. If you are needing to connect more than 10-15 devices to this unit, we do recommend purchasing WiFi extenders. Connecting more than the allotted amount of devices to the unit will result in slower speeds to the devices and possible loss of connection.

WiFi Extenders

What are WiFi Extenders and how do they work?

If your built-in WiFi network is having trouble reaching every floor/room in the house or the WiFi isn’t strong enough to support your connected devices, you may need to look into different strategies to boost the signal and get rid of these dead zones. WiFi Extenders can be an easy way to get the wireless coverage you need, so you can finally use your devices upstairs or set up a gaming station in the basement.

The first extender uses a wired connection to the modem.  That extender then takes that wired network signal and converts it to a strong wireless signal (WiFi) and creates the new coverage area.  The coverage area for WiFi Extenders are generally much larger than the standard coverage area of the WiFi built into your modem.  If more coverage is needed, you can then add additional extenders near the areas of the home that need a wireless boost.

Purchasing WiFi Extenders

If you have questions about purchasing WiFi Extenders, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! Just like all electronics, there are good brands and not so good brands. Extenders can have a large impact on the speed your devices receive.

We do have WiFi Extenders available for purchase, but if you wish to purchase your own, we cannot provide support/assistance for those devices.

Please contact the office prior to connecting WiFi Extenders to the modem, as there are changes inside the modem that will need to be made for the modem and extenders to work properly.

Issues With Existing WiFi Extenders

If you already have extenders connected and are experiencing a lag in speed, a reboot of the extenders may be needed along with a reboot of the modem. You may also need to check for any available software updates. Most extenders are accessible through an app. This is where you would need to check for any updates.

If the speeds are still lagging after rebooting both units, please contact the office so we can make sure the settings in the modem are set correctly for the extenders.

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